About The Yngfolk


Why we started Yngfolk

Yngfolk was founded to further Heathen causes, create and sustain community, while helping people live more fulfilling lives.

We plan to obtain a piece of property in the near future where we can build/renovate a hall to host moots, religious ceremonies and regional events. We would like to eventually build a self sustainable community of like minded individuals.

Through generous donations, diligence, and volunteers, our goals will be met.


Rangvaldr Marvinson

Raised by a Vietnam Veteran and a Merchant Mariner; he was taught the value of loyalty, honesty, and good work ethic from a young age. Friendly, brutally honest, with a strong moral compass, our founder brings level headed strength to the organization. Few people would be better suited to such pursuits.



Brought up in a non-pagan family, she was not content with the hypocrytical nature of congregation. Once she chose a path that was true to her Ancestors, she felt as though the missing piece of her life was put into place. Caring and gentle though strong-willed, she is tech savy and has good business sense.

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