Building Community

We seek to foster a thriving Heathen community through events, classes and communal projects.

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Helping Heathens

We hope to help those in need through outreach programs such as; food banks, soup kitchens, halfway homes and more.

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Furthering the Faith

From giving grants to scholars and archeologists whom work in promising fields that shed new light on the lives of our ancestors and their beliefs, to offering public classes and events to dispel myths and educate the public. There are many options available for us to further a Heathen cause.

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Where your donations go:

  • Fund the creation of the non-profit organization
  • Events to build the commuunity
  • Build/purchase a Hall/Hoff for spiritual/community events
  • Build a self sustainable community

Our organization's main goal is to further the Heathen cause in every way possible, from building community and raising awareness to funding academic work in fields of interest. Our Goals are many, but our goals are firmly focused on furthering Heathen society and culture from every possible angle.


While we can do much on our own, the Yngfolk cannot thrive without community.

We need space to grow, volunteers, and donations.

If you have a skill, trade, time, or anything to spare that will help your community grow, this is your opportunity to make a difference.

We are in need of people to host events, run events, help with fund raising, as well as someone skilled in photography, editing, or video making.

There are many ways you can help.

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